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Marthe Kiley-Worthington

Marthe Kiley-Worthington

B.Sc.D.Phil.M.Phil. FIAC.BHSAI.


Director Eco Research & Education Centre. Consultant on Ecological Agriculture & Animal Behaviour & Welfare Problems.

La Combe, Bezaudun sure Bine.

26460 La Drome, France.

Tel: 00.33(0)47532027

Born: London. May 1943

Citizenship: British.

Education: schooling & brought up in Kenya, Congo & UK. 8 "O" levels, 2 "A" levels, 3 "Scholarship" levels.


B.Sc. (1961) Zoology. University of St Andrews. Scotland.

D.Phil (1969) Ethology. University of Sussex. England.

Thesis:"Displays in Ungulates, Canids and Felids with particular reference to their causation ".

Philosophy of Animal Minds. University of Lancaster. England. Thesis: Right in Front of Your Mind, Equine & Elephantine Epistemology. M.Phil (2000, with distinction).

Honorary fellowships Biology, Univ Sussex, 1977-83 Agriculture, University of Edinburgh 1983-89. Psychology, University of Exeter 1992-2002...., Girton College, Cambridge 2002-2003. Dept Vet Sci University Bristol, 2006. Visiting scholar philosophy, University Cal. Berkeley, USA, 2007

List of major publications

Major Awards & Research

1964. Goldsmiths Scholarship to Makerere College, Uganda .Study the ecology & ethology of Waterbuck.

1971. Commonwealth Foundation Travelling Fellowship to Canada lecturing on Behaviour of Ungulates.

1970-72. Agricultural Research Council Fellowship to study the Behavioural & Welfare Problems of Farm Animals.

1972. Mammal Research Institute Teaching & Research Fellowship to teach wildlife management and study the ecology and behaviour of Blesbok & Eland at University of Pretoria, and horses: National Equestrian Centre, South Africa.

1974-76. Royal Society of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Research Fellowship. Studied the behaviour and welfare of suckler cattle and veal calves.

1976. Churchill Memorial Travelling Fellowship to visit Organic farms in France, Belgium, Denmark, Holland, Switzerland and Germany.

1984. University Federation of Animal Welfare award to study Stereotypies in Equines.

1987-89. Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Fellowship to study the welfare of circus and zoo animals.

1988. Welcome Foundation Senior Fellowship to visit & study philosophy of animal welfare with Prof. B. Rollin, Colorado State University, USA.

1990. Royal Society of London Senior Travelling Fellowship to visit and lecture on animal welfare in Japan and Australia, and Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour plenary talk at International Ethological Congress, Kyoto.

1992. EU scholarship to attend a Cognitive Science Workshop, Aix en Provence. France.

1994. British Council Award to teach Ecological Agriculture and Animal Welfare & Husbandry in Kenya, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Malawi.

1995. Farm and Food Society award to research further improved welfare of dairy cattle.

1998. Womens' World Summit Foundation award for Creativity in Rural Life. United Nations. Geneva.

Oct 2002 – July 2003. Brenda Ryman Fellowship, Girton College Cambridge & Department Experimental Psychology.Cambridge. UK.
Jan - April 2006. Fellow Animal Welfare group. Dept Vet Science, University of Bristol. Invitation Prof C.Nicol.

Jan - March 2007. Visiting scholar Dept of Philosophy University of California, Berkeley, invitation Prof.J.Searle.

Teaching & other experience.

1963-64. Teaching courses in biology, ecology and animal behaviour in universities in Uganda & Kenya. A level Biology teaching at Kenya Girls School, Nairobi.

1966-83. Teaching undergraduate courses in ethology, origin of agriculture, ecology, evolution, population and resources. Adult education courses in Sussex Natural History, World Futures, Organic Agriculture & Gardening, Animal Ethics and Welfare, Wildlife and Conservation, Equine Behaviour. Sussex University

1972..Taught M.Sc. in Wildlife Management & Welfare, University of Pretoria.

1973. Had to leave S.Africa for political reasons. Taught Biology in a bush school Ekukhanyani Secondary School ( Swasiland), and financed their library with from consultancy work. Founded first Ecological Farm in Sussex

1977. Lecture tour to Australia (universities & adult education ).

1979. Lecture tour USA visiting universities, farms, animal welfare institutes.

1983-89. Founded second Ecological Farm in Isle of Mull, Hebrides. Taught undergraduate courses ( vets & agricultural students) in ethology, animal welfare, animal ethics, cattle & equine behaviour & captive wildlife management, University Edinburgh. Adult education on the Isle of Mull, Tiree (Hebrides) & Oban on natural history, land use, husbandry of livestock, equine behaviour, applied philsophy. 1989. Founded 3rd Ecological Farm in a National Park in Devon.

1990-... Teaching undergraduate course in Animal Cognition, Environmental Philosophy, Ethology, Animal Ethics and Welfare in various universities (agric, vet, biology & psychology schools) Bristol, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Lancaster, Exeter, Cambridge, Ghent, Brussels, Utrecht, Waegningen, Paris, Perth, Melbourne, Armidale, Brisbane, Massey, Paris, Tokyo, Kyoto, Japanese Racing authority, Nairobi, Jo'burg, Harare, Lusaka, Lilongwe etc.). Adult education workshops and courses on Animal Welfare, organic agriculture, horse behaviour and husbandry in many countries incl. UK.

1994 Founded Eco Research Centre. Throwleigh, Devon.

1996-2007 Field work each year in Zimbabwe, studying elephant cognition, welfare and education. Developing courses & qualifications for elephants, rhino and buffalo handlers and trainers in Zimbabwe, integrating food production & wildlife conservation, environmental philosophy.

1999. Sabbatical year. Studied Elephant Cognition Training & Welfare, India, South Africa, Zimbabwe. Donkey cognition & environmental ethics, Lamu, Kenya. Cape buffalo teaching, (veterinary serviced Zimbabwe). Five months field work living with 2 equine cognitive subjects while riding around France and giving workshops.

1979-. Developing and running 1 year courses in the theory and practice of Ecological Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Welfare, Equine Behaviour, Welfare & Environmental philosophy at Eco Research & Educational Centre.
2003. Moved to La Drome & began establishment of the Centre d'Eco-Eho Recherche et Education, La Combe, Drome.


The living world, working and teaching animals, wildlife conservation, poetry, dance & music (play bassoon).


English, Swahili, French fluent. German, Italian, Spanish, Kikuyu & Shona a little.

Passed students/post doc fellows include
Prof. Christine Nicol, Professor in Animal Welfare, Vet.Sci. University of Bristol, Prof. Natalie Waran, Prof. Animal Welfare, New Zealand, Dr. Hayley Randle, Lecturer in Animal Behaviour & Welfare, Dutchy College, UK, Professor Sato, Head of Department of Animal Behaviour, Dept Agriculture, University of Tokyo.





  2. I can only say this. Dr Kiley-Worthington's book, 'The Behaviour of Horses' is the most succinct and pertinent volume on equines I have read - only those who have read it... and understood it... will know what I mean. I am not a rider of horses... though I was well taught to do so when I was 6 to 15 (I am now 54), I take far more pleasure working with them and learning from them. If only people would listen, eqines will talk, once they know someone is listening. Mine talks constantly in private, but he goes mute when anybody else is around!!! He talks to me and that's that. I have no problem with this, in fact I take it as an honour, he chose me and that's that. He was a bottle fed Colt, and I was introduced to him when he was 10 months old because he was a bit of a handful with rearing. This, however, was dealt with within litarally 5 mins., the biting/nipping (I need not say anything re this as it is all quite normal), took a few weeks more... we got there in the end, but Welsh Mountain Ponies just like to liven things up a bit every now and then, just there way that's all, and owners must just accept this fact!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is a Gelding now - had to be so to go back into my friends herd (but now lives on my Farm with his sheep companion - geldings can sometimes knock six bells out of stallions, and mine is not afraid of anything bigger than he is and is embarrrasingly cheeky with them!!!!!!!!!... he has the most excellent swagger, and I always take pride when he displays this since he does it so absolutely superbly!!!!!!! They talk about Pointer Spaniels, well, you cannot get better than a WMP....... head high, tail up, and blowing.... the signal is blatant!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, and when he want's to show off to anything bigger than he is, well, he seems to double in size, and then the swagger kicks in. Do not missunder stand me, he is kindly, well behaved, but he is ruthlessly cheeky - regardless of anysize bigger than he is, and it us very funny and amusing to see!!!! Someone congratulated me not long ago, for doing such a good piece of work with him as he was a bottle fed stallion, but so what, it is all down to handling... get that right and the rest will follow.

    I need to speak with Dr K-W, and I would be most grateful if, should she might see this, or someone who knows her might tell her please, if she would please contact me via email at Yes, there is a tel,no. but I would prefer email to begin with.

    Thankyou for reading this. Regards, Bernard R.Moore

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