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Courses in 2009 - 2010

If you are interested in any of these courses, either at the Center (in which case you need to make up your own group of at least 3) or at your home location, then contact us via email

The subjects are :

* First Level of Equine Behaviour, Welfare and Cognition
* 2nd Level (for those having attented previous courses & professionals) : Equine Teaching & consciousness, Fitting horses into agriculture, how to drive and work on the land, in the garden & forestry. Harness, implements, vehicles.

For public relations personnel, businesses & people working with difficult children. Learning about getting on with others from studying animals, their social relationships and yours with them. Practical work with horses, dogs, cattle & sheep. Tutors: Kaz, Oberlix, Ocean & Orange.

We have associations with universities in UK, USA, Germany & France. We take & supervise undergraduate and graduate students for university projects, masters and doctorates in ecology & ethology, and join own projects. We are WWOOF host farm where members come and work & learn about Organic Agriculture. All courses are in French and English.

April 29th - September 9th

Open Tuesday afternoon each week. Guided farm walk & nature trail. 15:30 - 18:00 by arrangement, telephone in advance, groups more than 5. Meet the animals, see the flowers & identify the wild plants and animals. Suggested contributions 10€ adults, supervised children less than 10yrs free.


Long ride around the Vercors with Druimghigha horses, or bring your own.

1st week of November

Examination for Certificate in Ecological Agriculture.

We can organise additional workshops & courses on:

  1. Equine behaviour, management, teaching and welfare.
  2. Wildlife of la Combe.

By arrangement. Please contact by email or telephone evenings 00 33 (0)475532027

Saturday afternoons throughout the year lessons with horses, ground work & riding, randonees, dance, camps etc... for regular adults & children. If interested contact us.


Courses in Japan

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